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Why Phoenix

Why Phoenix

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Phoenix Technology commenced submerged arc welding flux production in July 2014. During design and construction of the factory careful attention was paid to process design to ensure reliability, consistency, cost control, and traceability. The result is an operation that incorporates the latest in German made automation and control systems with a production and material flow that is clearly and easily managed with a minimum of operator intervention. Careful attention has been paid to environmental considerations with dust controlled at every step, waste heat recycled, and on site processing of inputs even to the extent of on site gas production in modern environmentally controlled systems. Phoenix is a truly impressive state of the art manufacturing operation. Visitors are welcomed at the factory to see for themselves.

Ready customer acceptance of the company’s products has led to rapid growth. Daily output of submerged arc welding flux is 400 ton now, making the company the largest flux producer in China. The company holds ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Its products have passed China Classification Society and Lloyd’s Register Quality, CE of the European Union, and HAKC of Russia.

Phoenix Technology has the following strength.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The goal of Phoenix Technology is to provide industry with the most competitive and highest quality products. Relying on the strong research and development team and with close involvement of experienced welding industry production and quality engineers, Phoenix Technology has installed completely new production liner incorporating the most advanced technology available worldwide.

Largest & Fully Automatic Production Line Ensure High Quality and Competitive Costs

Phoenix Technology attaches great importance to technology innovation and application. The factory has the most advanced automatic flow production system available. Product weigh up, mixing, and processing are controlled and monitored by SIEMENS automation control systems with permanent continuous records of all production data.

Wide Range of Fluxes for All Applications

Phoenix Technology is committed to be the most professional manufacturer of submerged arc welding materials, able to provide comprehensive welding solutions for customers. The product range is designed to meet a wide variety of welding requirements and applications.

Strict Quality Control

With advanced production systems, monitoring, and recording, and a dedicated quality management department, Phoenix Technology readily meets ISO9001: 2008 quality management system requirements. From the procurement and processing of raw materials, the control and recording of the key production data points, to the storage and delivery of the finished products, Phoenix Technology has tight control of each step to ensure product quality, consistency, and stability.

Better Raw Materials and Chemistry

Phoenix Technology is directly involved in the mining, production, and processing of key raw materials. This provides the best possible control of both cost and quality of raw materials. Combined with the most advanced production processes the product chemistry and performance are assured, all at competitive cost.


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